My work as an artist, educator and curator explores expressive forms in experiential media and holographic art.

Creating spatially animated holographic scenes my artwork investigates the emergent psychophysical experience of multiple and moving perspectives.  I use hundreds of photographs and video to make holographic scenes to capture an intertwined dynamic of urban gaze.

The structures of visual experiences that I develop through conceptual holographic design connects motion, association and spatial similarity. By breaking the recording/repay window of the hologram the compositions become a transformation of perspective and view.

I began by making stop motion scenes and stenciling of different perspectives into the holograms. The pattern of these stencils enabled me to spatially animate scenes. With Hover… I flipped the holograms projecting a sequence of images using mechanical contraptions to scan the holograms and project animations of a dragonfly-creature. The Hover… project was also an honours thesis in Applied Physics about the geometry of holographic image projection.

Into the Holographic Landscape mapped sequences of photographs into dynamic urban scenes (Center for the Holographic Arts, New York 2006). While the We’re all looking series (2007) explored how multiple perspectives from a group of photographers could be choreographed into holographic scenes to reveal a diagrammatic sense of place.

The role of the camera and hologram shaping perspective became the focus of my image making. The exhibition Explorations of the Holographic Gaze (Gallery 175, Seoul 2010) presented holograms that linked and transformed the movement of the viewer to a visually suggested protagonist.

Diving into the perceptual resonance of encountering spatially dynamic holographic images I completed my doctoral thesis The Emergent Holographic Scene with the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, Architecture+Design, RMIT University, Australia, which was presented with an exhibition at PostX gallery, Belgium in 2011.

My solo exhibition Enfolded Light (2013) was presented across two venues in Berlin, Direktorenhaus and Lehrter Siebzehn.

As well as creating exhibitions I uses holographic images and maps to document the multi-perspective experience of art-events and expeditions. Collaborating with artists and groups, namely – Banditfox, Flux Factory, Swimming Cities and Brooklyn Pirates – my art practice encourages people to explore the perceptual experience of place. These mapping projects have included: a quantum physics inspired comic book adventure game the wave collapses created with my sister Alice that was played across Melbourne during the 2006 Next Wave Festival in conjunction with the Commonwealth Games and a map sharing project Around the Table (2012), for the opening of Da Dong Art Center in Taiwan.

From 2013-2020 I focused on curatorial projects and mentoring artists with the Center for the Holographic Arts in New York.

In 2021 I joined Lake Macquarie City Council in Australia to develop the Lake Arts Precinct.

My other passion is teaching which spans art, physics and design.  I teach workshops for artists and for the general public. The courses I have developed and delivered related to light, photographic processes, holographic media and visually augmented encounters. My academic teaching has involved lecturing as well as being part of research at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia; Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York as well as a Guest Professor to Kun Shan University in Taiwan in 2010.