Around the Table

Participatory mapping installation with animate holograms for the opening of Da Dong Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2012
Share you memories around the table,
draw a map, leave your map, take a map,
make a journey, enjoy and share food.

Rotating the table holograms could be played or paper drawing pads illuminated. Each pen asked questions that prompted people to share memories of eating their favorite foods through drawing maps. Participants were also encouraged to take and follow a map.

Thanks to: Jin Yuh 張金玉, Yaling Huang 黃雅玲, Bing Wen 王炳文, Joanna Hsu 徐凡, Wilson Chen 陳威豪, Yoling Liu 劉宥羚, Mr. Chang 鄭瑞益, Terry Chan 詹皓然, Ziggy Tasi 蔡明君, Wu Yuan-Xiang 吳媛湘 , Oscar Chueh 偉哲, Michael Chen 陳紹鳴