'The Floating World' 2014
'The Floating World' 2014
'Objects – the Journal of Applied Arts', 2013
'the wave collapses' 2006
'Hover...' 2004

Jason Yung — Painting in light with structure and code, catching up with one of the artists who participated in SPACE:LIGHT, published on Medium, November 2020

Catching light waves essay for artist book ‘Artefakt and Phantasma’ by Tina Kohlmann. Published by Chemical Press, Germany, 2019

Draw Within Water – Collaborative creation in augmented reality, about the installation Draw Within Water and using virtual tools to create  digital holograms, published on Medium, October, 2019

Guest editor of Optical Materials Express special feature Design, Manufacture, and Analysis of Photonic Materials for Historical and Modern Visual Arts‘ , The Optical Society, 2019
Visual design of holographic elements, chapter in ‘Keesing Study of Forgeries’, Keesing Technologies, 2018
Traversing Perspective, essay and oral presentation about the spatial aesthetics of visual attention and movement for the the symposium TRANSPARENCIES/ TRANSAPPEARING, R3 Gallery, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in collaboration with Centre de Recherches en Arts et Esthétique, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France. Published (along with French translation) by Archée – arts médiatiques & cyberculture, 2018
Questioning Systems of Perception essay for ‘Uncertain Worlds’ catalogue of artworks by  Philippe Boissonnet.  Published by Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada, 2016

The craft of Rudie Berkhout’s holography essay for exhibition catalogue ‘The Floating World – holograms by Rudie Berkhout’ curated by Daniel Belasco. Exhibition and publication by Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State University of New York at New Paltz, NY, USA, 2016

Interference:Coexistence’  catalog of the exhibition I curated with 32 artists from around the world, Center for the Holographic Arts, New York, 2013

Enfolded Light’ catalog that accompanied my solo exhibition at Direktorenhaus and Lehrter Siebzehn in Berlin, 2013

Der stereoskopische Blick for ‘Objects – the Journal of Applied Arts’, No6. in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Enfolded Light’, Berlin, Germany 2013

Assembling a holographic scene, Practical Holography XXVII: Materials and Applications, SPIE Proceedings

Visionaries 21 : Holographic Perspective’ 20min documentary about my art practice. commissioned and distributed by Artfilms and Contemporary Arts Media, 2013 (excerpt below)

The Emergent Holographic Scene : compositions of movement and affect using multiplexed holographic images‘ – PhD Thesis, Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University, Australia, 2012

Designing optical geometry and creating holographic images book chapter inHomo Faber: Modelling Ideas’ Sydney: Archadia Press, 2008. 106–111. Print.

the wave collapses‘ with Alice Mrongovius. A comic book adventure game played across Melbourne during the Next Wave Festival in conjunction with the Commonwealth Games, 2006

Hover…holographic projection, paper in ‘Practical Holography XIX: Materials and Applications’, SPIE Proceedings Vol 5742, 2005. p 61-70

Hover… art book / exhibition catalogue, self printed, 2004

Singularity’, illustrated by Alice Mrongovius – a graphic novel of quantum physics vs. the convenience store. Published by BanditFox, Melbourne, Australia, 2002

Shoreditch Cycle, 2000. Six minute documentary film about life and laundry in East London. Synopsis awarded development through the Shoreditch Short Video Challenge and screened at Shoreditch Festival, London, 2000. Shortlisted, UpOverDownUnder film festival, London, 2002


The History of the Future of Holographic Art, Museum of Interesting Things, NYC, 2019

Holographic Media, Eyebeam student residency program, NYC, 2019

Windows to Worlds, Most Epic Week in VR History, Tesla Labs, Rahway, New Jersey, 2017

Holographic Collaborations experimental collaborative artworks created between Ana Maria Nicholson and Rudie Berkhout. Royal Photographic Society,  Camera Club, London, 2014

Holographic Windows, lecture at the Netherlands Film Academy – November, 2013

Spatial Animation with Multiplex and Digital Holography, 
Beyond 3D Festival,  ZKM 2012

Moving through a multiplex holographic scene, International Symposium on Display Holography, MIT 2012