Enfolded Light

Direcktorenhaus &  SIEBZEHN, Berlin, November, 2013

 Holograms of urban adventures and architectural encounters. These holographic works are a form of urban narrative – compositions of multiple perspectives and intertwined dynamics. Using hundreds of photographs these scenes are structured by emotive and imaginative forces. Moving around to reveal each scene resonates with the poetics of the experience captured. The two simultaneous exhibitions of ‘Enfolded Light’ present over 40 holographic works spanning the first nine years of my installation practice.

Article for ‘Objects – the Journal of Applied Arts’, No.6, 2013. p 110-115

Der Stereoskopische Blick – an enfolded perspective
from the conventional hologram to the multiplex hologram
A conventional hologram offers a view into a single space; a window onto a scene.  The term ʻhologramʼ refers to both a method of encoding a spatial image within a physical surface and the reconstructed optical image that is produced through the diffraction of light as it meets with that surface.  A holographic window of perspective allows for bio-ocular depth perception and for the viewer to move as they look from different angles through the hologram.  When the recorded visual perspective matches the viewerʼs perceptual sense of space the holographic image produces a visually-realistic volume: a 3-dimensional light sculpture.

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