Beyond the Window

The ‘we’re all looking’ series of holograms explores the multi-perspectival scene. The holographic images are structured by the relationships between the viewer, their view and being viewed. The event ‘we’re all looking’ involved 26 people who captured images in choreographed formations around Melbourne. The formations relate to the symmetries of the space and architecture. By aligning the images with respect to the participants, the figures blend together becoming a visual anchor to the holographic space. The holographic image-space is formed by a structure of superimposed perspectives.

The hologram Exhibition Circle has both horizontal and vertical parallax, produced by reconfiguring the printing system at Kunsthochschule für Medien, Cologne. The holographic image is viewed while bending and stretching which mirrors the movement of the figures.

The other holograms installed in ‘Beyond the Window’ at Bus Gallery are viewed by sitting on modified office-chairs and rolling through each of the photographers’ perspectives.

Participants: Shabana Ahmed, Briony Barr, Sarah Beetson, Sally Blenheim, Rebecca Cannon, Yiu Bun Chan, Lise Couchet, Lindsay Cox, Daniel Docherty, Misha Dumnov, Alexi Freeman, M. Hank Haeusler, Ceri Hann, Aniko Hazi, Chad Lane, Romaine Logere, Juliette Peers, Lynda Roberts, Ivan Sarkin, Danica Sladic, James Smith, Salote Tawale, Naomi Tettmann, Adele Varcoe and Yandell Walton