On View

Six hologram portraits from L’ENFER by Henri-Georges Clouzot
The holograms Richard Castelli and I created from Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished film footage are being exhibited in Belfort, France. These images bring a new dimension to the experimental lighting, optics and camera methods used to show the emotional state of Romy Schneider.
Image: PRISM (2018), a digital reflection hologram from the series
Select the holograms to be launched into Space

We proposed that holographic structures could enhance the design of  Light Sails – both solar and laser driven.   While this research is being conducted the Holographic Messages project seeks to engage public imagination by including holograms containing images and information with the probes we send into Space.

Our first holograms on a Cornell Tech Alpha Project ‘CubeSat’ satellites carrying an experimental solar sail are schedule to be launched from the International Space Station in 2022.


In response to COVID-19 and the shutdowns to slow the pandemic I curated the exhibition LIGHT WINDOWS for the Center for the Holographic Arts. Artists around the world were invited to install and project light art in their windows. In 2020 there were over 90 projects in 18 countries with the project occurring again in 2021.  https://holocenter.org/light-windows