On View

Six hologram portraits from L’ENFER by Henri-Georges Clouzot
The holograms Richard Castelli and I created from Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished film footage are being exhibited in Belfort, France. These images bring a new dimension to the experimental lighting, optics and camera methods used to show the emotional state of Romy Schneider.

In the exhibition Dimensions

Pittlerwerk, Lipzig, Germany. 19 April – 9 July, 2023

60 international artworks presented in a spectacular 10,000 square metres industrial architecture – from the pioneers to the contemporary avant-garde.

Postcards from Earth, Holograms on an Interstella Journey

We proposed that holographic structures could enhance the design of  Light Sails – both solar and laser driven.   While this research is being conducted the Holographic Messages project seeks to engage public imagination by including holograms containing images and information with the probes we send into Space.

Our first holograms on a Cornell Tech Alpha Project ‘CubeSat’ satellites carrying an experimental solar sail will be launched from the International Space Station.

ON VIEW at Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City

Scientists Want to Send Holographic Messages to Nearby Stars on Light Sails by Becky Ferreira, MOTHERBOARD, VICE 2018




Up a Tree (on the edge of the East China Sea),  is part of the HoloCenter exhibition Dimensions in Light at Cornell Creative Arts in Kingston, New York

Photographic capture, Ishigaki, 2007. Vertically animated hologram (multiplex transmission). 

After a few days at sea I felt discombobulated.  To assimilate my sense of body lodged in the tree with my knowledge of being located on the island of Ishigaki, I photographed.  My sense of location intensified by looping between my visual perspective and my camera view. 

Created for  Explorations of the Holographic Gaze, Gallery 175, Seoul, 2010

Holograms: Dimensions in Light
Cornell Creative Arts Center
129 Cornell Street, Kingston NY, 12401

Until October 31, 2022


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