explorations of the holographic gaze

This exhibition of animated holograms by Martina Mrongovius, explores place as a folding movement through the gaze of the artist/explorer. A visual record of her experiences in the urban environment are constructed into spatially dynamic images, allowing the body movement of the viewer to be extended through the virtual scene.

Presenting a new series made with layered video in 360 degree donut-shaped views, along with a series created using digital montage/collage, Mrongovius uses the photographers body as a visual anchor into the image/place. This presence creates a sensual and visual resonance in the work that has a haunting familiarity of an unfamiliar environment, inducing encounters have an intensity of emotion – exhilaration, fear and imagination. A sense of place is invoked that is both an embodiment of the virtual and physical expression of the psychological.

Mrongovius’ work draws on the practice of psychogeography and urban exploring where place is considered as a combination of the psychological, programmed and physical aspects of the urban environment. These experiences are driven by chance, rhythms and personal narrative.