Collaborations & Commissions

Draw Within Water with Sky Rolnick (Jump into the Light) and Alon Grinsphoon (echoAR).

We are developing tools to enables people to engage and create with immersive technology.  In this collaborative experience participants draw in virtual space and can populate the underwater scene with artist drawn sea creatures. Drawings can be exported

The first iteration of this project ‘Draw Within Water’ included music composed by Keith Patchel and artwork by Spacer Arts, Lydia Powell, Jessup, Alexandra Patz and Ioana Pioaru. Installed at the HoloCenter on Governors Island in 2019.

Article about the project on Medium Collaborative creation in augmented reality

Wholeness and the Implicit Order, mentor and technical artist to enable Julia deVille create three series of holograms for her exhibition at Linden New Art, Melbourne, Australia, 2018

Images of ‘Learning how to survive infinity: Hologram of Rocking Alpaca’

Virtual tour of the installation

PDF Catalogue

L’enfer a collaboration with Richard Castelli

A series of holograms from Henri-Georges Clouzot’s film footage L’enfer for commissioned by Epidemic  for VISIONS (2017) at Les Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels.

Henri-Georges Clouzot used moving lighting to capture the emotional expression of Romy Schneider in his last and unfinshed film L’enfer. These experiments with lighting were in collaboration with cinematographers Andréas Winding and Armand Thirard. 

The series of holograms we produced from the original film footage translate the dynamic lighting into spatial animations with emotional intensity.

The Wonder Cabinet,  an experiment in collaborative story writing and contemporary wunderkammer.

In the gallery of Flux Factory we constructed a physical memory to the narrative we wrote. One of my stories and installations was about broken umbrella hearts, inspired by the tragic crumpled forms of umbrellas abandoned on the  streets of New York.

Three panel hologram 'Holoscape' by Nick Normal and Martina Mrongovius

HoloScape – an animated holographic diorama of images uploaded during the 2009 Conflux festival, and installed at Conflux HQ in 2010.

This user-generated and activated photo-map- scape playfully explores how collective experience can be mapped into a holographic scene. Image tagged with #holoscape or #confluxfestival were printed, pasted onto cardboard stands and placed in the diorama which visitors to Flux Factory could animated. This scene was then captured spatially over time – the Holoscape growing and then drooping over the Conflux Festival weekend. The final hologram is a three-panel 600 frame RGB hologram.

StructureWool  with Briony Barr – a fence weaving along the Laurel Hill playing courts using a seed game to then grow patterns.  ‘Down the Street around the Corner’ – a joint project by Flux Factory and Queens Blackout Division, New York, September 2006


Pascua Lama installation in collaboration with Ash Keating for TRANS VERSA at
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile, September – November 2006


the wave collapses  with Alice Mrongovius – a comic book adventure game based on quantum physics and interwoven urban narratives. Played over three weeks during the 2006 Next Wave Festival, Melbourne.  Participants followed clues to festival sites to collect stickers to complete the multiple-choice narrative. 


Unfurl with Sruli Recht and support from Mark Ruff, Ged Wright and Dr John Perry.

A New Visions Commission for the exhibition ‘Experimenta – Vanishing Point’, 2005 

These incredible pieces blend digital and optical technology to present holographic images that stretch beyond reality. Subtly animated, the images capture two life-size figures, hesitantly emerging from the holographic scene. As you approach they beckon you into their enchanting world, yet remain forever elusive, suspended in light.

The Unfurl holograms have been exhibited at

Center for the Holographic Arts, New York, 2016 &17

Holographic Perspective, Cologne, 2014

Enfolded Light, Berlin 2013

Holograms in Transit, Melbourne 2012

Don’t Look Gallery, Sydney, Summer 2007/8

Diretribe Gallery, Melbourne 2006

Experimenta’s Vanishing Point, Melbourne 2005