Up the Stairs

Up the Stairs, 2010

Sommerloch Festival, Wuppertal 2010 / Through the Holographic Gaze, Seoul 2010 / An Urban Pirate’s Life, Brooklyn Pirate Clubhouse, Bushwick, NY 2010 / The Emergent Holographic Scene, Ghent 2011 / Dark Disco, Santos Party House, NY 2011

Silver-halide emulsion laminated to laser etched plexiglass 380 x 490mm. The ‘Up the Stairs’ series of multiplex holograms layer 360 degree video footage to capture the act of climbing up stairs. The spatial rhythm of this action is mapped into a vertically animated image. The cut and layered sequences fuses together through the shared rhythm of the captured movement and the motion required to play the hologram.The holograms are each from a single piece of video footage recored into achromatic transmission holograms with 200 frames of vertical animation.